Appia Life Volumetric


Suitable for: Medium – High volume locations, demanding professionals.

The Appia II Volumetric is the ideal machine for baristas looking for amazingly consistent coffee. Being volumetric, this machine allows baristas to program desired volumes and consistently pull shots at that volume throughout the day.

Call: 888-Fix-Java for pricing
  • Volumetric Dosing
  • Semi-Automatic version available
  • Raise Group Heads
  • Cool Touch Wands
  • Push Pull Steam
  • Soft Infusion System
  • Automated Cleanings
  • Reverse Mirror
  • Bar Pump Gauge
  • Water Level Indicator
  • AutoSteam Capable (Only 1GR)

Size Specifications

GroupsDimensions Net WeightGross WeightVoltage Power
1 GRL: 16″
H: 22″
D: 21″
77 lb106 lb220v2000 W
2 GRL:31″
H: 21″
D: 22″
119 lb145 lb220-380V3200 W
3 GR

L: 40″
H: 21″
D: 22″
159 lb187 lb220-380V 5200 W